We are glad to offer helpful information and tips also for the ride. HERE is a link that might answer FAQ for anyone interested in reading.

    Thanks our motorcycle traffic officers for their assistance, the LAPD for their continued cooperation to help keep our riders safe!

 Missouri Naturist Families Coalition


‚ÄčWorld Naked Bike Ride

June 27TH, 2020

 We will be taking donations via paypal toward next years ride immediately. We are also looking for businesses wishing to support or sponsor the ride. Please contact us for more information OR visit


World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles

       The World naked Biker Ride Los Angeles is one of many WNBR events worldwide. This years ride is June 23rd, 2018 and will be in 2 loops. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. A beautiful ride through downtown LA as well as Silverlake areas, Michael Beals owner of BBR Photography, Ron Mercer of Naturists in the OC, and Rolf Holbach of Southern Californiaare active organizers of this event and work hard to ensure it will be fun for riders of all ages. The WNBRLA has been a part of Los Angeles culture since 2004 with Michael Beals being the lead organizer since 2007. This event is part of a global protest against the excessive use of fossil fuel, the lack of bicycle safety and awareness in cities and to promote a body positive, non sexual concept of the human body.