Missouri Naturist Families Coalition

This page is dedicated to charitable organizations that are important to us because of our commitment to body positivity, family values, domestic violence, suicide awareness, and other issues that we feel important in a growing society that needs educated and aware of whats going on in our world today. We build pages for organizations as well as link directly to those who already have their pages published, There is no charge for us to build a page, nor do we charge for promoting any link. All organizations are non-profit C3 organizations and we do not promote any organization that charges for their services. 


Bikers against Bullies is a national organization comprising mostly of motorcyclists and their families dedicated to encouraging and empowering school age children who are being bullied in school. For more information please go to



Survivors of Crime is a national organization the is dedicated to helping victims of severe domestic violence and human trafficking find new lives, new locations, safe places to go and get help they need to get out of the unsafe situations their in as well as providing options to seek counseling and other services to maintain a safe environment for themselves and their children. For information please go to